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This is a deeper description of our promo

First we obtain the song or video link from the client, then we apply our newly added feature called "The Spotlight" to the desired song.  The spotlight feature sheds light on an artists track until the desired goal is reached. This feature has succesfully been used on over 500 artists across the nation already, including our CEO, Drama Squad Jay.  Our campaigns helped countless artists gain fame and  notoriety  while giving them chance to possibly be seen by major companies such as Interscope Records, Capitol Records and many more. 

  • Young Jay Feat. Jhene Aiko - 24/7

  • Young Jay Feat. Tory Lanez - Cant Sleep On You

  • Young Jay Feat. Tory Lanez - I Must  Admit

  • Drama Squad Jay Feat. Wiz Khalifa - Recognize

  • Over 1000 orders completed.

  • Over 1,000,000 combined streams across all artist campaigns.

  • 4 mainstream artist placements.

  • Over 300 major article placements.